Help - Create/ Edit Tests

Staff/ tutor level users on SCRIPT are able to create and edit tests. Tests contain numerous individual scripts which are presented to the student at random when the test is attempted. The Tutor can control which class/ year has access to a test and when the test is open (date/time) and closed to manage how they are accessed.

rx manager test link

Creating a test

  • to create a test, click on the create/ edit Tests link in the Rx Manager
  • click the add test link; the page will update to show the test form
  • enter a name for the test in the Test name box

Adding Rx to a test

script add test

Below the test name you will see a the Scripts in test section. This contains a set of filtering tools, a list box showing all matching Rx on the system and a Selected Rx box listing any scripts you have added to the test. The filter allows you to search for a particular script by ID or key words. To find Rx to add to your test:

  • enter a search string in the Filter box
  • the exact match? allows you to filter for an exact string or a sub-string match
  • scope lets you limit the filter to only Rx ID (numbers) or to the text of the Rx (e.g. warfarin)
  • the limit option allows you to restrict the filter to particular Rx types (e.g. NHS GP, GP private)
  • any changes you make to the filter will update the matching scripts in the box below in real time
  • single clicking on a script will show a preview on the right hand side. You can click the view button in the preview box to view the full Rx, or the test button to view it as it will appear in the test, with the errors highlighted and the option to mark it and view feedback
  • once you have found a script you wish to add, double clicking it will add it to the Selected Rx box
  • add as many scripts to the Selected Rx box as you wish

Below the Selected Rx box you can set further options relating to the test:

test options

  • Questions per test determines how many of the scripts in the Selected Rx box are shown to the student taking a test. Typically this is set to 3 Rx per test
  • Test open allows you to set a date and time for when the test is open, allowing students to see the link and take the test
  • Test closes allows you to set a closing date/ time when the link will be removed so students may no longer access the test
  • The For class(es) option allows you to select the class/ cohort/ year groups you want to give access to the test when it is open. You can multi-select by holding the Ctrl key (Windows) or Apple key (Mac) while clicking the different options.
new options in test
  • Restrict to groups - allows you to select/ remove groups that are used to limit access to this test within a year/class cohort
    • enter part of the group name in the find.. box
    • in the list of matching groups click add to add the group to the list
    • if no groups match the search 'no groups found matching...' will appear
    • click the trash icon next to a group to remove it
  • Use marking - turn marking on/ off for this test
  • Show feedback - turn feedback on/off for this test
  • No of attempts - limit the number of attempts a user make for this test, or allow unlimited attempts
  • EPS - run the test with "paper" (no), EPS (yes) or mixed (random) Rx presentation.
    Note that certain errors will not appear in EPS mode (e.g. missing date or signature) and that only NHS GP Rx will be presented in EPS form at present.

Once you have completed all the sections/ options, click the save button to store your test.

Editing a test

Editing a test allows you to change the scripts a test contains as well as any of the options you have set. To edit a test:

  • click on the create/ edit Tests link in the Rx Manager
  • click the edit test link and the page will update
  • select a test to edit from the drop down list
  • click the edit button

edit test select

you will see the same options you had when creating a new test (above). Simply make any changes and then click the save button to store the changes.

You can also copy a test - this will create an exact duplicate of the test containing the same options as the original, which you can then edit. For example you may wish to modify the test for another cohort/ year group with different open and close date/times. To copy the test simply click the copy button, the page will reload with a new test which will default to being called 'COPY: name of test' which you can then rename and edit as required.