Help - Accessing the Tutor

To access the SCRIPT tool

  • login to the system
  • click on the script link in the Member links


script link screen shot

you will then see a list of available tests that you are able to access. If no tests are availalbe to you, the message Sorry, there are no tests currently available to you will be shown.

script tests list

Tests can be restricted to a particular class/ year or list of year groups, and can be set to open and close on set dates/ times by staff/ tutor users (see creating/ editing tests).

To access a test

click on the name of the test. The test will open in a new window/ tab in your browser, displaying the prescription panel on the left side, and the action panel on the right hand side. The prescription panel may have multiple tabs for displaying the Rx, patient, container and/ or register details. Clicking on any of the tabs will bring it to the front.

Rx test annotated

Selecting errors

Once you have reviewed the information in the prescription panel tabs, you can select any errors in the action panel and set the values for the POM and CD register.

filter options

  • You can use the filter box to restrict the list to options matching the entered filter.
  • To add an error, simply double click on the item and it will be transferred to the Selected Errors box.
  • To remove and error, double click on the error in the Selected error box and it will be removed
  • Select the radio buttons appropriate to the Rx in the POM and CD register sections
  • click the mark button to submit your choices


Once your selection has been submitted using the mark button, the screen will update to show you if your selections were correct or not.

Rx test marked

  • Errors on the Rx that you correctly identified will be show in the Errors in script section. If you missed any errors they will be shown here too.
  • Any errors you added which were not required will be shown in the Extra errors section
  • Your selection for the POM and CD register will be marked
  • A Feedback box will be shown giving extra information relating to this Rx
  • If your institution uses a marking scheme, the mark for this Rx and your overall score for the test will be shown below the Feedback box
  • Once you have reviewed the response, you can click next to continue to the next Rx in the test. If the test is complete, click done.

 You can review your attempts at each test from the my results section of the site.


Mobile access

if you are using a touch screen or small screen device such as a phone or tablet (iOS or android) the screen will adjust to display an Action tab instead of splitting the screen between the prescription and action panels. The action tab will allow you to use tickboxes to select the errors instead of the double click method for desktop computers.

iphone action tab
iphone action tab with selections


When you select mark the response and feedback information will be shown in the Result tab instead of being split into the left/ right panes as it is on a desktop computer.

iphone result tab


Revision test

The revision test is a special test which will randomly assign 3 Rx from all available Rx on the system each time you start the test, giving access to a virtually unlimited number of tests containing a variety of all Rx types. The Revision test is otherwise identical to any other test.