Tests for Kings and UCL

The standard Rx tests used at Strathclyde have been copied in to the test banks for Kings and UCL - staff can now edit the date/time on these tests to make them available their students via the Rx Manager > create/ edit tests tool.


Test filter

The Test editor now allows staff to filter the list of Rx by 'type' (NHS GP, NHS dental, NHS nurse etc) when selecting Rx to include in a test.




A questionnaire about SCRIPT is now available on the members page. Please take the time to fill this in, as we value your feedback and it helps to determine how we continue to develop the SCRIPT software.


New Session
Script is now in the 2021-22 session, so student users will have been rolled into their new year of study. Any issues contact us at more

new domain
SCRIPT is now available from our own domain/ web address of more