Mobile device support

SCRIPT tests now support use on mobile devices (phones, tablets) - the error selection which previously only worked on desktop/ laptop web browsers should now display in a format allowing mobile web browser users to select any errors in the Rx. The site should detect your mobile device automatically and show a new \'Action\' tab to allow you to submit any errors. If you run in to any issues with the site on a mobile device, please let us know at, listing the make/ model of your device if possible.


Aston Year 3

2011-12 Aston Year 3 students should now have access to the SCRIPT system. An email will have been sent to you with your username and password. You can change your password after logging in using the \'password change\' link under Member links. If you did not receive a username/ password via email (perhaps it was seen as spam) you can request a new password or username reminder using the forms on the forgotten password page.


SCRIPT website update

The new version of SCRIPT is now live. The site has been updated with a new design, and the Rx engine updated with improved labels and an additional 200 Rx. If you have any technical issues as a result of the changes, please contact us at


New Session
Script is now in the 2021-22 session, so student users will have been rolled into their new year of study. Any issues contact us at more

new domain
SCRIPT is now available from our own domain/ web address of more