Script Tutor v3

The Script Tutor site now includes the latest version of the system engine which allows the use of prescriptions, labels, registers and endorsing. It also contains the latest question bank which holds 390 unique prescriptions, with randomisation of patient & prescriber names, practices, addresses and other data allowing for a vast number of permutations on each Rx.


Site ready to go...

The ai Script Tutor site is now ready for RGU students to start to use the site - all that needs done is for the user list to be imported which will auto-send each user their login details. Any issues, email spider-vle (at)


Script tutor testing

The basic system is working - users can attempt the Rx quizzes. Still testing fonts on different OS (Win, Mac) and need to create some method of allowing RGU to mass import their student list.


New Session
Script is now in the 2021-22 session, so student users will have been rolled into their new year of study. Any issues contact us at more

new domain
SCRIPT is now available from our own domain/ web address of more