Rx browser

There is now a prescription browser tool for staff level users to enable them to view and browse through the many available prescriptions. The list of prescriptions can be searched by keyword or filters can be used to limit the prescription type (NHS GP, private, Vet, Nurse etc) or by \'question type\' (standard, register, labels). Each prescription can then be previewed to allow staff to view and test a script before adding it to a test.



SCRIPT for Aston

The SCRIPT site for Aston is nearing completion, with modifications and customisation completed, and testing being done today, ready for staff user access on Wed 12th Aug 2009. Aston are the second external institution to use SCRIPT, the first being the Robert Gordon University. Aston are the first English School of Pharmacy to make use of SCRIPT, requiring the tool to be altered to account for the variations between Scottish and English prescriptions.


Script for England

SCRIPT is currently being modified to work with English prescriptions and custom name and address data to match various English towns and cities are also being created.


New Session
Script is now in the 2021-22 session, so student users will have been rolled into their new year of study. Any issues contact us at more

new domain
SCRIPT is now available from our own domain/ web address of more