SCRIPT - scenarios

SCRIPT now supports scenarios - instead of using randomly generated names and addresses for practices and practitioners, staff are able to create named individuals with associated practices/ businesses. Each script generated in a test will then select an appropriate person and practice from the scenarios on the system, allowing institutions to match SCRIPT with any existing materials containing these scenarios.

shots of scenario managerFor example, staff can create Dr. John Smith, who works at the Glendevon Practice, and upload a 'signature' image for Dr. Smith. GP prescriptions will then appear signed by Dr. Smith and the practice address will appear on all his scripts.

The scenarios tool is being trialled by Manchester. Staff from other institutions wanting to set up scenarios for their students should contact us .


SCRIPT version 3 live

The new version of the SCRIPT website is now live. Any issues, let us know at


SCRIPT version 3 coming soon

An updated version of SCRIPT is undergoing final bug testing and will be released soon. This new release is mostly a technical update to allow the site to take advantage of the latest responsive design processes, so that the site better adapts to devices of any screen size/ resolution.


New Session
Script is now in the 2021-22 session, so student users will have been rolled into their new year of study. Any issues contact us at more

new domain
SCRIPT is now available from our own domain/ web address of more